Shield System for Surgical & Dental Loupes and Headlights

Designed specifically for use by dental & surgical loupe wearers in response to the recent events.

Movable Face Shield with ratchet adjustable Comfort Headband and Special Hooks for the face mask to take the pressure of the ears

The Face-Shield is transparent, durable, easy to disinfect and made for multi-use.

The innovative arched design of the shield allows the wearing of loupes & portable LED headlights by a surgeon, dentist, dental hygienist, or veterinarian.

Ball Link for Surgical Loupes and LED Lights:

Block for Custom Made Attachments:

Double Pivot Attachment with Two Thumb Screws:

Single Block for Custom Attachments:

Slide Pin for Surgical Loupes and HD Cameras:

Small Slide Pin for Surgical Loupes:

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